Services Provided

Services Provided

Our team is continuously on the road providing everything from water testings to leak repairs and major pool renovations. With a well trained, detail oriented staff of pool technicians and mechanics, Aquaman is proud to offer a wide variety of professional services at competitive prices. Let us take the hard work out of owning and maintaining your pool and spa so that you can enjoy the spoils of the summer season.

Pool Opening

Our pool opening services ensure that your pool season starts off hassle free. Add a new level of ease to your summer season by having our trained crew take care of all aspects of your pool opening: summerizing pool equipment, cleaning and removing waterbags and covers, cleaning water lines, adding and balancing chemicals, installing pool hardware such as ladders and diving boards, vacuuming, and even taking the time to inspect all equipment for visible leaks and potential problems.

Services Aquaman Pool Services Ltd. - Stouffville Ontario

Weekly Maintenance

Aquaman provides both weekly testing and full weekly service. Vacation weekly service is also available upon request. These services provide our customers with less time spent on maintenance and more time to relax poolside.

Weekly testings take some of the heavy weight of pool maintenance off of your shoulders with our staff ensuring that your water is tested and balanced and your backwash filters, skimmer baskets, and pump baskets are emptied.

Full weekly service includes not only weekly testings and balancing but also makes owning a pool effortless with vacuuming, cleaning water lines, skimming, and emptying skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and backwash filters.

Pool School

New pool owners are often intimidated and overwhelmed when faced with the daily practices involved in maintaining a pool properly. Our “pool school” ensures that you learn the proper practices involved in maintaining your pool without assistance or constant trips to Google. Our staff will meet with you in your backyard to take you through all of the necessary steps to make sure that your pool is continuously clean and operating efficiently.

Services Aquaman Pool Services Ltd. - Stouffville Ontario

Leak Detection/Repair

Our pool technicians are experts at locating leaks in vinyl, fiberglass or marbelite pools. With the use of a sonic leak locator, we are able to pinpoint leaks in the pool itself and in underground plumbing without having to dig which keeps both your pool and yard looking its best.

Pool Closings

The end of the summer season is enough of a drain without the added workload of closing your pool. Let our trained crew take some of the burden by vacuuming, lowering the water level, removing all deck equipment including ladders and diving boards, winterizing both your pool and pool equipment, installing winter covers, and dealing with all closing chemicals.

Services Aquaman Pool Services Ltd. - Stouffville Ontario

Water Tests

Aquaman’s trained pool and spa technicians are continuously on the road testing our customers pools for chlorine, bromine, salt, calcium and everything in between. Let us take some of the hassle out of your pool maintenance routine by performing water testings on a weekly basis or upon request when you are busy enjoying the season.

Supply Pool Chemicals

Aquaman has the ability to supply customers with all pool and spa chemicals required for the season. This includes and is not limited to chlorine, bromine, non-chlorine shocks, algaecide, clarifiers, alkalinity boosters, calcium, and stabilizers.

Replacement Parts and Equipment

We provide and install filters, pumps, heaters, saltwater chlorine generators, chlorinators, maintenance equipment, and all other replacement parts and equipment required for operating your pool and spa smoothly.

Services Aquaman Pool Services Ltd. - Stouffville Ontario

Pool Inspections

Our educated professionals are able to inspect pools and spas of all makes. We will take a visual overview of the entire pool and all equipment, perform pressure tests, check all lines and suction, and perform a leak check on vinyl liners if applicable to ensure that all equipment is functioning at its peak performance level.

Pool Renovations

Aquaman’s trained pool mechanics have the ability to renovate and repair pools. Ranging from minor renovations such as adding ladders, walk in stairs, and installing lighting to major such as hard bottoms, redesigns, and reshapes.

Liner Replacement

From measuring to installation, Aquaman makes your inevitable liner replacement a simple and effortless process. With a wide range of colours and styles available we are sure to find the right fit for your pool, and you!

New Winter Covers

Aquaman has the ability to supply and install a wide selection of winter covers including flat sheet covers, lock-in covers, safety covers, and automatic covers in a variety of colours and styles.

New Solar Blankets

Aquaman has the ability to supply and install solar blankets in a variety of styles and colours.

Hot Tub Service

Aquaman not only offers services for pool maintenance but for hot tubs and spas as well. Our trained technicians can handle water testings, draining, cleaning, refilling and balancing, winterizing, and summerizing. With an incredibly trained team of mechanics we are able to service and repair all makes and models. We offer a weekly service and vacation weekly service.

Hot Tub Chemicals

We are capable of providing our customers with a wide range of chemicals for both pools and hot tubs. With an incredible list of products including environmentally friendly products such as AquaFinesse, we are able to cover all of your pool and spa needs for the season.

Hot Tub Sales

Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a hot tub, Aquaman can take care of all of your needs. We have a wide selection of both new and used hot tubs and have the ability to buy upon inquiry.